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 my dino deck

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Registered Duelist

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PostSubject: my dino deck   Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:31 am

40 cards
21 monstersyersaurus
12 magikz
7 traps


black veloci
destroyersaurus x2
hyper hammerhead
jurak monolov x3
jurak protapus x3
jurak tyranus x2
jurak vello x3
miracle jurassic egg x2
super conductor tyranno <======= i wanna take out
UFO turtle x2


big evolution pill <only for (super conductor tyranno) and (jurak tyranus)
book of moon x2
brain control
card destruction
diffrent dimension capsule
jurassi world x2
monster reborn
mystical space typhoop
shrink x2


chain destruction
draining shield
magic cylinder
mirror force
solemm judggment x3


jurak giganot x3

fell free to use anc chang what ever u like Very Happy and it 2-0 a tele-dad (i hade perfect hand both times)
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Novice Duelist

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PostSubject: Re: my dino deck   Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:34 pm

throw in 2 black tyrannno's and swords of concealing light so he can attack directly and traps like seismic shockwave so if a dino is destroyedyou block 3 of your foes spell and trap zones for 3 of your standby phases and bring back any dino in the grave and finally survival instinct to get 400 lp for each dino you want to remove from play
hope this helps Very Happy
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my dino deck
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