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 My Hero deck :)

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PostSubject: My Hero deck :)   Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:54 pm

My new hero deck

Cards :41

Monsters :21

x2 E-Hero avian
x2 E-Hero burstinatrix
x1 E-Hero clayman
x2 E-Hero neos
x2 E-Hero sparkman
x1 E-Hero bladedge
x2 E-Hero necroshade
x1 E-Hero ocean
x2 E-Hero prisma
x1 E-Hero stratos
x1 E-Hero wildheart
x1 E-Hero woodsman
x2 king of the swamp
x1 neo-spacian ground mole

Spells :15

x1 Ancient rules
x1 card of return
x1 e-emergency call
x2 foolish burial
x1 fusion gate
x1 future fusion
x1 heavy storm
x1 mst
x1 o-oversoul
x2 polymerization
x2 r-righteous justice
x1 skyscraper 2

Traps :5

x1 bottomless trap hole
x1 mirror force
x1 sakuretsu armor
x1 solemn judgement
x1 torrential tribute

Extra Deck :15
x1 E-Hero darkbright
x1 E-Hero divine neos
x2 E-Hero flame wingman
x1 E-Hero shining flame wingman
x2 E-Hero phoenix enforcer
x1 E-Hero shining phoenix enforcer
x1 E-Hero gand neos
x1 E-Hero necroid shaman
x1 E-Hero plasma vice
x1 E-Hero rampart blaster
x1 E-Hero terra firma
x1 E-Hero thunder giant
x1 E-Hero wildedge

So thats my deck Smile

Last edited by BIONIC on Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:04 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : forgot extra deck)
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PostSubject: Re: My Hero deck :)   Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:13 pm

-1 Avian
-2 Burst
-2 Neos
-1 Necro
-1 Ocean
-1 Woodsman
-1 Grand Mole

-1 Ancient Rules
-1 CoSR
-2 Foolish
-1 Fusion Gate
-1 Oversoul
-1 Poly
-1 Hero City

-1 Sak
-1 Bottomless

+1 Prisma
+3 Honest
+1 King

+2 E Call
+2 Gold Sarc
+3 Miracle Fusion
+3 Dark Calling
+1 RoTA

+2 Solemn

Try that. You have too much going on, try to focus more on dumping material into the grave with Prisma for Miracle/Calling.
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My Hero deck :)
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