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 blue-eyes deck (rate/fix)

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PostSubject: blue-eyes deck (rate/fix)   Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:55 am

here is my Blue-eyes white dragon deck

monsters: 16

blue-eyes white dragon x3
sangan x1
honest x2
cyber valley x3
shining angel x3
white stone of legend x2
kaibaman x2

spells: 14
ancient rules x3
burst stream of destruction x2
double summon x1
foolish burial x1
giant trunade x1
heavy storm x1
monster reincarnation x1
mystic space typhoon x1
nobleman of extermination x1
summoner's art x2
trade-in x1

traps: 10
battle mania x2
birthright x2
bottemless trap hole x1
dark bribe x2
interdimensional matter transport x1
return from the diffrent dimenion x1
solemn judgement x1

extra deck: 6
armory arm x3
magical andriod x3

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PostSubject: Re: blue-eyes deck (rate/fix)   Fri Sep 11, 2009 8:48 am

i think the monster count is a little too low for this deck. i think maybe add in 1 or 2 flicker flashs or put kaiser seahorse back in. 3 ancient rules seems a bit overkill might want to bring it down to 2. the dark bribes i think dust tornado is better in a blue eyes build also the second effect not bad either. call of the haunted is a must.
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PostSubject: Re: blue-eyes deck (rate/fix)   Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:32 pm

-1 Ancient Rules: Two is enough and you run the potential to dead draw it at three.

-1 Kaibaman: As a stand alone monster, its not gonna do anything so if you have it to summon a Blue Eyes fast, one is enough.

-1 Double Summon: It honestly has little to no purpose in this deck

+ Call of the Haunted: Staple for reviving, and very good with Blue Eyes White Dragons.

+ Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Future Fusion, Dragon's Mirror: It makes so many combos with what you already have, its a very good idea.

Overall, your concept is good and nice to see. As an extra note, you might wanna add a few more monster to defend yourself. Maybe Marshmallon.
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PostSubject: Re: blue-eyes deck (rate/fix)   

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blue-eyes deck (rate/fix)
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