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 Blue eyes white dragon deck -Rate and fix-

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PostSubject: Blue eyes white dragon deck -Rate and fix-   Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:25 am

43 cards in my deck

Monsters x20
Blue eyes white dragon x3
Divine Dragon Ragnarok x2
Blizzard Dragon x2
Cyber Dragon x1
Elemental hero prisma x1
Elemental hero stratos x1
Honest x3
Kaibaman x3
Shining Angel x2
The white stone of legend x3

Spell x14
Ancient Rules x2
Brain control x1
Burst stream of destruction x1
Dragons mirror x1
Foolish burial x2
Future Fusion x1
Lightening vortex x1
Luminous spark x1
Mystical space typhoon x1
Pot of avarice x1
Reinforcement of the army x1
Smashing ground x1

Trap x7
Birthright x2
Bottemless trap hole x1
Dark bribe x2
Dust tornado x1
Mirror force x1


Extra Deck x15
Blue-eyes Ultimate dragon x1
Black rose dragon x2
Colossal fighter x2
Dark strike fighter x2
Gaia Knight, the force of the earth x2
Goyo Guardian x2
Red dragon archfiend x2
Stardust dragon x2
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Blue eyes white dragon deck -Rate and fix-
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