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PostSubject: パワーシックス!   Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:52 pm



x1 Great Shogun Shien
x1 Enishi, Shien's Councilor
x3 Grandmaster of The Six Samurai

x3 Marauding Captain
x3 The Six Samurai - Irou
x2 The Six Samurai - Kamon
x2 The Six Samurai - Yaichi
x3 The Six Samurai - Zanji
x2 Hand of The Six Samurai


x2 Shien's Caste of Mist
x2 Six Samurai United
x2 Cunning of The Six Samurai
x1 Reinforcement of The Army
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 Mystical Space Typhoon
x1 Solidarity


x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x1 Breakthrough!
x1 Double-Edged Sword Technique
x1 Magic Cylinder
x1 Mirror Force
x1 Reasoning
x1 Swiftstrike Armor
x1 Swift Samurai Storm!
x1 Solemn Judgment

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PostSubject: Re: パワーシックス!   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:19 am

Does TF4 have Gateway of the Six? If so, run 3 copies of that and a 3rd Six Samurai United. I'm probably lose the Solidarity too since I like Gale in my Samurais, but if you don't wanna, that's okay.

I'd probably also run at least MBaaS for extra protection incase you run into Torrential or Mirror Force or something.
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PostSubject: Re: パワーシックス!   Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:11 am

i would say drop one sheins castle of mist since six sams are good without it, and add in another six samurai united or scroll if tf4 has it
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PostSubject: Re: パワーシックス!   

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