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 majestic dragon (fix/rate)

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PostSubject: majestic dragon (fix/rate)   Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:46 am

monsters: 21

cyber dragon x2
destiny hero malicious x2
jester clown x3
junk warrior x3
level eater x1
magestic dragon x3
mist valley soldier x2
morphing jar x1
plaguespreader zombie x1
sangan x1
summoner monk x1
the tricky x2

spells: 13

allure of darkness x2
foolish burial x1
giant trunane x1
heavy storm x1
instant fusion x2
lightning vortex x1
monster reincarnation x1
mystical space typhoon x1
one for one x1
pot of avarice x2

traps: 7

call of the haunted x1
limit reverse x2
mirror force x1
threatning roar x2
trap stun x1

extra deck:

ojama knight x2
red dragon archfiend x3
stardust dragon x3
magestic red dragon x2
magestic star dragon x2
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majestic dragon (fix/rate)
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