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 LADD beasts!

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PostSubject: LADD beasts!   Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:39 am

blackwing - gale the whirlwind x1
dandylion x2
dark armed dragon x1
debris dragon x1
gravekeeper's guard x1
gravekeeper's spy x3
light and darkness dragon x3
nimble momonga x3
rescue cat x1
sea koala x1
summoner monk x1
x-saber airbellum x3

book of moon x2
foolish burial x1
giant trunade x1
gold sarcophagus x2
heavy storm x1
mausoleum of the emperor x2
mystical space typhoon x1
pot of avarice x2
terraforming x2

bottomless trap hole x2
mirror force x1
solemn judgment x1
torrential tribute x1

extra deck:15
ally of justice - catastor x1
arcanite magician x2
black rose dragon x1
blackwing armor master x1
brionac, dragon of the ice barrier x1
colossal fighter x1
goyo guardian x1
iron chain dragon x1
magical android x1
mist wurm x1
naturia beast x1
red dragon archfiend x1
stardust dragon x2
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LADD beasts!
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