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 magican and fiend deck

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PostSubject: magican and fiend deck   Sun May 16, 2010 3:31 pm

Monsters 25
Neo bug
Des lacooda
Des kangaroo
giant soldier of stone x 2
dark Magician
Neo the magic swordsman x2
red eyes black chick
red eyes black dragon
Jirai Gumo
Witch of the black forest
Axe raider
Des feral Imp
summoned skull
Dark blade
crimson ninja
guardian of the throne room
warrior of Zera
soul tiger X 2
witch doctor of chaos
curse of dragon
guardian statue
warrior Dai Grepger
Chaos Necromancer
Dark whole
swords of revealing light
monster reborn
Gryphons feather duster
rush recklessly
poison of the old man
heavy storm
change of heart
Magic Jammer
a hero emerges
miracle restoring
magic drain
trap hole
enchanted javelin

Can you help me fix my deck up.
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magican and fiend deck
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