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Novice Duelist
Novice Duelist

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PostSubject: god   Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:01 pm

monsters 22
e-hero neos x2
cross potter
e-hero neos alius
e-hero prisma x2
e-hero stratos
honest x2
morphing jar
neo spacian pathfinder x2
neo-spacian air humming bird x2
neo-spacian aqua dolphin x2
neo spacian dark panther
neo-spacian flare scrab x2
neo-spcaian glow moss
neo-spacian grand mole

convert contact
e-emergency call x2
future fuison
heavy storm
instant neo space
miracle fusion x2
neo space x2
o-oversoul x2
r-righteous justice
super polymerization
the warriro returning alive
wrath of neos

traps 3
hero blast
mirror force
negate attack

extra deck 15
e-hero absolute hero zero
e-hero air neos
e-hero aqua neos
e-hero chaos neos
e- hero dakr neos
e-hero divine neos x3
e-hero flare neos
e-hero gaia
e-heor glow neos
e-hero grand mole x2
e-heor great tornado
e-hero stomr neos

well this is the deck what ya think of it
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