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 take that freed

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Novice Duelist
Novice Duelist

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PostSubject: take that freed   Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:56 am

monsters: 21
2x A Cat of Ill Omen
3x Cannon Soldier
2x Toon Cannon Soldier
2x Catapult Turtle (E-hero ABZ)
2x D-hero Defender (Appropriate and E-hero ABZ)
2x Cyber Dragon (Cyber Twin Dragon)
1x Destiny Hero - Dogma ( Destiny End Dragoon)
1x Destiny Hero - Plasma ( Destiny End Dragoon)
1x Spirit Reaper (Reaper on the Nightmare)
1x Nightmare Horse (Reaper on the Nightmare)
1x E-hero Avian (electrum)
1x E-hero Clayman(electrum
1x E-hero burstinatrix (electrum)
1x E-hero Bubbleman (electrum)

spells : 10
3x Fusion Gate
2x Terraforming
3x Hand Destruction (Appropriate)
2x cup of ace(Appropriate)

traps: 9
3x Chain Material
3x Appropriate
3x Dark Bribe(Appropriate)

extra: 15
3x E-hero Absoulte zero
3x E-hero Electrum
3x Destiny End Dragoon
3x Reaper on the Nightmare
3x twin Cyber Dragon

what you guys think
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take that freed
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