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 Elemental Blast(?) (No name yet, RL deck)

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Urahara Kisuke
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PostSubject: Elemental Blast(?) (No name yet, RL deck)   Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:09 am

Monster Cards:
E-Hero Sparkman x3
E-Hero Clayman x1
E-Hero WildHeart x1
King Of The Swamp x3 (Proxy'd)
Treeborn Frog x2
Mobius The Frost Monarch x1
Dark Resonator x1
E-Hero Startos x1
Cyber Dragon x2
Spirit Reaper x1
Marshmallon x1
Exiled Force x1

Spell Cards:
Miracle Fusion x3
Poly x2
Call Of The Haunted x1
Dark Bribe x2
Burden Of The Mighty x2
Torrential Tribute x1
MST x1
Heavy Storm x1
Sakuretsu Armor x1 (Want to replace with Dimensional Prison)
Creature Swap x1
Magical Cylinder x1
Emergency Call x1
Swords Of Revealing Light x1
Scapegoat x1
Starlight Road x1

Extra Deck:
X-Sabe Urbellon x1
Stardust Dragon x1
AoJ Catastor x1
Flamevell Uruquizas x1
E-Hero Shining Flare Wingman x2
E-Hero Wildedge x2
E-Hero Plasma Vice x1
E-Hero Rampart Blaster x1
E-Hero Thunder Giant x2
E-Hero Wild Wingman x1
E-Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer x2

It's rather self explanitory....
You spam Shining Flare, Wildedge to attack all, Wild Wingman to destroy spells+traps, giant to detroy a monster, phoenix for a super wall. Few stapl synchro's.
It's rather standard..
I need some help on this.
I'm waiting on E-Hero Absolute Zero to come in the mail.

What does this deck need?
Really appreciate the help!

Sandal Hat
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Elemental Blast(?) (No name yet, RL deck)
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