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 D.D. Vaskii

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PostSubject: D.D. Vaskii   Thu Jul 08, 2010 1:33 am

Can someone help me with this deck? It's a Reptiless Build I'm working with

Monsters [20]
Evil Dragon Ananta
Bad End Queen Dragon
D.D. Guide
Reptillianne Viper
Reptillianne Vaskii x 2
Reptillianne Servent x 2
Reptillianne Medusa x 2
Reptillianne Naga x 3
Reptillianne Guardna x 2
Reptillianne Gorgon x 2
Reptillianne Scylla x2

Spells [15]
Dimensional Fissure x 3
Gravekeeper's Servant
Reptillianne Spawn x 2
Savage Colosseum
Reptillianne Rage
Viper's Rebirth
Attack Pheromones
Corridor of Agony
Swords of Concealing Light

Traps [5]
Snake Whistle
Return from a Different Dimension
Serpent Supression
Royal Decree
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D.D. Vaskii
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