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 law of the normal

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PostSubject: law of the normal   Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:24 am

a normal that for synchro and such. rate/comment /edit

2-atlantean pikemen
2-chamberlain of the six samurai
2-gaint soldiers of stone
2-hunter dragon
2-knight of the red lotus
2-mad lobsters
2-sonic duck
3-tune warriors
2-exodius the ultimate forbidden one

2 -amulet of ambition
3-enchanting fitting rom
2-faustian bargain
2-my body as a sheild
2-order to charge
2-sword of the soul eater

2-common charity

extra deck-15
1 ally of justice catastor
1 anicent fairy dragon
1 black rose dragon
1 brionac
2 flamvell uruquizas
1 gaia the force of earth
1 goyo
1 mist worm
2 red dragin archfeind
1 stardust
1 thought ruler
2 trishula
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law of the normal
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