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 Oslo "Massacre"

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PostSubject: Oslo "Massacre"   Sat Jul 23, 2011 7:38 am

As some might have heard Oslo was bombed and right after a massacre took place in a summer camp here in Norway where I live.
I was wondering what did you think when you heard it? It has been all over the news here in Norway as well as CCN.

Here is the story if you want to hear some stuff:
A car bomb exploded right in Oslo outside of the government quarter. Right after a Norwegian guy took on a police uniform and traveled to the summer camp island Utøya (aka OutIsle) and killed dozens of young teenagers. A total of 91 people have been confirmed dead and still counting. The Norwegian police think that these two events have a connection. The Norwegian guy who laid the bomb has been captured but the Utøya-shooting guy is still on the loose.

The funny thing (in my opinion) is that the guy who was captured was a gamer; he played WoW as well as CoD MW series. What irritates me is that the news said it like in a way that pissed me off a bit. Like him been a gamer was a reason for this aggressive play which is totally not true. The fact is that violent games have actually decreased the chances of criminality with over 10%.

This is the first time since 1945 that anything like this have happened, and never has so many people have died since in one day since WW2. This is also the first time Norway have gotten this much attention which I think is awesome; too bad it is for the wrong reasons. Norway is one of the riches countries in the world as well as a neural country. We are known for Oil and Fish but it seems like Norway also have some good connections which makes us a nice target for terror attacks

So what do you think about this exactly? You have read my opinion of this matter and tomorrow I will travel to Oslo again to participate in the local Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament as always.
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PostSubject: Re: Oslo "Massacre"   Sat Jul 23, 2011 9:22 am

be careful there....and good luck for the tourney..lol

there are so many terrorist in every country...my country is one of them....did u ever heard of some place bombed in bali??? that took life so many foreign and local ppl.....there are also many other places in my country that bombed by them......i really hate them.....they must be terminated.... Mad

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Oslo "Massacre"
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